Moin, Fernando here.

I'm a freelance art director. This is what's paying the bills while I build Kombru - a Kombucha startup I co-founded with my friend Mat. So if you need any healthy, refreshing brew, let me know!

I've been working as an art director in the advertising industry since 2005. Like my mate Joel always says “even Jesus had a day job”.

My conceptual work and art direction skills got me listed as one of the top young creatives representing Germany in 2013.

Over the years I worked with international clients such as BMW, Mercedez-Benz, Unicef, NIVEA and a bunch of other big corporate brands.

I also run Flaschenkino with the help of my favorite people at Cobblestone. It's a non profit app to support the social projects from Viva con Agua.

And on the side, I've produced, wrote and co-directed a series of short films with my good friend Ilies. Our current project is a web series called "Idle Films".

If you read this much, I guess you are also looking for some work. Drop me a line here.


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